Hello and welcome to Marmontrucks.com
My name is Raymond Keens. My father Leroy Keens and I are both Marmon Truck collectors. Here in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania we have been collecting mainly the cabovers. My father worked at Dutchman's Truck Service in the early 70s as a mechanic. Thats where my dad became interested in Marmons because of them being custom built and they stood out from the competition. We have been customizing and rebuilding Marmons throughout the years. We have discovered recently there are many more of you out there who have the same interest and we would like to hear your stories and share them with others through Marmontrucks.com. In the past years we have done a lot of traveling and been to a lot of truck shows. Yet we still haven't seen everything out there. Very rarely do you see Marmon trucks anymore. Few are seen on the road in use, not many more are at truck shows.

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